A complete smorgasbord of tutorials in this roundup. Something for everybody from the basics in FCPX and Motion up to some advanced graphics building. 

It has been a while since we did a tutorial roundup, so it was good to go back to YouTube to see a large increase in the number of tutorials and tutorial producers on there. Not a scientific measurement of FCPX's popularity, but it does seem to be popular!


On to the the tutorials and Leno from Leno FX produced this tutorial to help his plugin clients understand how to use the drop zones in his products.


Marc Webster has been building a following on YouTube with his tutorials. In this latest episode, he animates a mask to produce a write-on effect with text. 


YouTuber Ryan Nangle is also building a growing audience with his tutorials. In this episode he tackles how to build a clone freeze frame effect in FCPX.


Want to know how to keyframe audio? David Cox shows us the basics on how to control audio levels in Final Cut Pro X.


Technologyguru has over 167,000 subscribers on YouTube, a great audience for FCPX tutorials! In this latest video, he looks at the basics of retiming clips on the timeline. 


On to Motion and this tutorial from Simon Ubsdell looks at the text sequence behaviour.


Did you know how to use the Preserve Opacity setting in the blend modes? No, nor did we. The instructions how to are in these 5 Motion tips from Simple Video Making.


Finally, Tony Badea shows in a minute how to customise behaviours in Apple's Motion. (Beware of the sound!)



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