More and more people are consuming videos on mobile devices withe the sound off. This new set of FCPX plugins helps annotate 16:9 and square videos online to get the message across.

We all do it, stand there with phone in hand watching video on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

You might have noticed that publishers and marketeers have been very clever by adding a lot of text to these videos, including subtitles, so that the viewer will continue to watch.

Idustrial Revolution has just released XEffects Viral Video, a pack of titles, effects and transitions for Final Cut Pro X that give editors the tools they need to make videos for watching with or without sound!

Normally priced at $49, but on special for a week at $39, the pack is split in to two sets, one for 16:9 and one especially for square video projects.


  • Perfect for adding text information for videos to be shared on social media
  • Sets for 16:9 and square projects included
  • Built in colour palettes or use your own custom colours
  • Resize and colour individual words for impact
  • Box background auto sizes behind text
  • Position anywhere or snap to edges and corners
  • Easy to animate, choose the in and out direction of travel
  • Auto adjusting borders on transitions
  • Sidebars are customisable
  • Pin sharp results even in 4K timelines.

XEffects Viral Video is distributed through the popular plugin platform FxFactory. No single tutorial this time, but 4 different ones on how the plugin pack works. We have embedded the playlist for you


You can find out more about editing with square projects in this rather excellent FCPX tutorial from Chris Roberts.

Disclaimer: Money from this plugin will help keep FCP.co's servers going :)


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