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It has been a while since we have done a tutorial roundup - we really should do them more often as more and more seem to be produced for FCPX. So here we go with a whole raft of interesting things to learn about Final Cut Pro X. Get a coffee first!


We start with this tutorial from Kraig Adams at the Wedding Film School about editing a wedding video. This is one area where FCPX shines with quick imports and exports for same day turnaround. This tutorial goes into more detail though and the final result is pretty polished.


He's very kindly posted the finished result here:


In this music video tutorial, KingTutsPro shows how cutting sections out of a clip can add impact when placed on a beat. Can't agree with his method of letterboxing though.


He also shows us quickly how to reveal text behind objects.


Dan Allen has been a producer of tutorials right from the moment FCPX was released five years ago. His latest looks at the 3D Title capabilities of FCPX


FCP.co regular and forum moderator Karsten Schlüter has put together this quick tutorial on creating a pop-up for camera movements & perspectives in Motion. This can then be published as an FCPX plugin. A very handy trick for having options in a plugin.


One for beginners, or a refresher if you've forgotten what all the functions of the selectable tool does. This 16 minute tutorial from Ben Halsall shows the basics of clip moving and manipulation in FCPX. We think he might have had the reduce audio a tad too high.


And that's it for now, maybe not so fat, just slightly thinner. In the last few months there has been more and more videos online that push products- so it's a bit hard to filter them out to get to the straight tutorials. There are also some very strange videos appearing, but we'll let you find those!

More soon.


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