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An FCP tutorial with over 60 in-depth and easy to follow videos, more than 3 hours long, that you can view on your iPhone or iPad sounds like something that needs investigating.

There's a link to the app on iTunes here. This Final Cut Pro 7 Tutorials app offers quick tips and techniques and is narrated by Andy Anderson. Here's some of the blurb:

"Watching these lessons will give you a better idea of what to expect in the extended Final Cut Pro 7 video course and familiarize you with basic tools that every video editor needs to understand. Having these high quality preview lessons available on your iOS device will boost your productivity and give you a chance to learn real world skills while you're on the go.

This video app makes getting started easier than it's ever been before. Since you can watch everything on your phone or tablet, you have the added bonus of learning from wherever you want, on an extra screen that gives you more room to work on your computer.

With this Final Cut tutorial app, and you can access the video lessons anywhere, anytime. For users who require a practical hands-on approach to learning, accompanying working files can be downloaded that allow the use to follow along with the lessons. A Mac running Apple Final Cut Pro 7 is required to use the working files."

If you want to see considerably more then go to the Infinite Skills website here, where you can purchase your DVD of their FCP tutorials.

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