It's not Minority Report, but it is a step closer. Jason Rose is editing with FCPX on a large touchscreen. Cool? Fast? Slow? We will let you decide.

You might recall we posted Jason using his large touchscreen with Final Cut Pro and Avid a while ago. He got quite a bit of criticism and some people said it was fake.

He emailed us with a new link, this time he is using Final Cut Pro X with the touchscreen and as you would imagine things are slightly easier with the new GUI. One thing he has left out though is skimming, he's jumped right into multicam editing without displaying one of the cornerstones of FCPX's new operation and design. We are long time tablet users and at the moment for us skimming doesn't work because it will skim clips even when the pen isn't in contact with the tablet. So Jason please show us some skimming!!

We just got this answer back from Jason:

Alas, skimming doesn't work very well with the touch screen.  I was disappointed too.  As soon as I touch a clip, it is selected. I have to deactivate it and just work with the playhead.  It could be the overlay that I'm using, or it just may not function like that with any touch screen --- yet.

It's not foolproof.  There are things that don't work the way I'd like.  I'm just trying to push the technology that way and get people thinking.

We will let you make your mind up about how useful touchscreen editing maybe, with the rumours of a touchscreen iMac in the wings this might actually be happening on a mass scale sooner than you think.

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