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Pre-NAB buzz on the future of FCP from the guys who broke the SuperMeet rumour

Check this out if you want to get the latest buzz on the new FCP and what's going to be what in NLE in the near future. The March 2011 Editors' Lounge was the 8th year of their annual NAB discussion panel and featured an influential panel of guest speakers: Steve Cohen, Terence Curren, Mark Raudonis, Michael Bravin and Lucas Wilson. The second part of the discussion after the break.

Debra Kaufman moderated a lively discussion on post-production trends and predictions for NAB 2011. In Part 1, they covered the following subjects:

  • 3:00 The New Final Cut Pro, as seen by Mark Raudonis
  • 10:16 What is a cord cutter?
  • 11:05 The Future of content delivery
  • 14:17 New hardware vs. user interface of NLEs
  • 14:50 Support, Apple vs. Avid
  • 17:09 The new Avid company
  • 18:30 Apple's media future
  • 18:55 Speculation on FCP X

And here are the topics covered in part 2:

  • 0:08 New GUI (Graphical User Interface) for NLEs
  • 3:17 Lucas talks about new media
  • 5:31 Storytelling, the basics of our craft
  • 6:30 Oblong Industries, the "Minority Report" GUI
  • 8:17 Adobe, Vegas, Lightworks
  • 8:43 Avid Media Composer 5.5
  • 9:58 Crowd-sourcing video editing
  • 11:57 The commoditization of media creation
  • 13:05 Demand Media, is it our future?
  • 14:58 The new business model for editors, producers, etc.
  • 16:19 We have to think beyond 1 screen
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