We're back! More about that soon. In more important news, new versions of our favourite apps are out.

Final Cut Pro (10.6.5), Motion (5.6.3) and Compressor (4.6.1) have recently been released.

The details for Final Cut Pro:

  • Supports faster exporting of H.264 or HEVC on Macs with Apple silicon
  • Increases stability when disconnecting a Sidecar display on Intel Macs
  • Improves performance when editing on a Mac with an ambient light sensor

Also, if you want to work with an iPhone's Cinematic mode clips, you'll probably want to update to macOS Ventura, which came out recently too. While Ventura is likely to break a few  apps and drivers (including SoftRAID), FCP 10.6.5 doesn't update your Final Cut libraries, and so it's less risky than most. This FCP update doesn't require Ventura, so you can stay put on your current macOS for now.

As ever, it's a good idea to right-click and compress your existing apps so that you can roll back if something goes bad. But if you're feeling brave, there's a wind out there just waiting for your caution to be thrown its way.

There will be more news and articles up here in the coming days and weeks, so if you have any requests, send them on.

Time to get back to the edit — hopefully with faster exports!

**Stopress** It looks like this update might have fixed the issue when FCP runs out of memory and plugins stop responding. (No more red screen)


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Iain Anderson is a trainer and freelance editor based in Brisbane, Australia. Among other things, Iain is the author of Final Cut Pro Efficient Editing, an Apple Certified Trainer in Final Cut Pro, a lead trainer for macProVideo.com, a tutorial creator for coremelt.com, a videographer, an editor, an animator, a writer, a designer, and occasionally a coder of Apple Watch and iPad apps. In the past he’s created animations and live videos for Microsoft, virtual islands in Second Life for government, and screensavers for fun.

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ubernaut's Avatar
ubernaut replied the topic: #122615 27 Oct 2022 16:19
has anyone tested the exports to see if their issues went away yet?
also, anyone know how to change password here doesn't seem to be a button in the profile page :/
RGPphotog's Avatar
RGPphotog replied the topic: #122624 28 Oct 2022 12:12
I am getting this update, (image attached) but it keeps failing on install. 

And Apple.com says it's an old update. support.apple.com/kb/DL2050?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US

This happened to me this past April. but for Version 2.2.3. And I said similar things then.

Very strange. Clearly this is a new version. The support doc isn't getting updated. Not sure why it's failing to install. Tried installing on both Monterey and Ventura. 
DaveM's Avatar
DaveM replied the topic: #122625 28 Oct 2022 14:22
Similar to RGPphotog, I also had the update appear yesterday (and in April). However, it seems like the "Prov Video Formats" was installed on my system. Screenshot attached showing items in System Information. Curious...
(macOS 12.6.1, 2019 Mac Pro)

Note: The two installs shown in December 2021 were related to cases where I re-installed macOS while troubleshooting a sleep issue, just after receiving the computer.
RGPphotog's Avatar
RGPphotog replied the topic: #122626 28 Oct 2022 14:26
I wonder if this is a intel/Apple Silicon thing?  I have none of those listed on my Mac Studio. 
RGPphotog's Avatar
RGPphotog replied the topic: #122627 28 Oct 2022 14:29
Well I stand corrected on that theory, I have .2 and .3 present on my M1 Max MBP and my 2019 MBP. (2019 is the one currently toying with Ventura)
RGPphotog's Avatar
RGPphotog replied the topic: #122628 28 Oct 2022 14:31
Okay, I tried downloading form the support doc. and it installed 2.2.4.

I was hesitant since the page implies it's an out-of-date version.
RGPphotog's Avatar
RGPphotog replied the topic: #122629 28 Oct 2022 14:33
How I've managed to go this long on the Mac Studio without ANY of the Pro Video Formats installed – and without any issues - is interesting.

But okay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
DaveM's Avatar
DaveM replied the topic: #122630 28 Oct 2022 14:41
I believe some of the issue is due to recent macOS changes, where Apple has segregated the non-user part of the system, which we can no longer "touch"/change. Hence, you see things like "Macintosh HD" and "Macintosh HD-Data". Accordingly, the "Pro Video Formats" are now included as part of macOS itself (from what I've read somewhere), so it's curious why the separate install still shows up. This is why you may not have seen any record of "Pro Video Formats" being installed on your newer systems...

RGPphotog, if you've got any interest and some time to burn, you could download "Suspicious Package" ( www.mothersruin.com/software/SuspiciousPackage/ ) and open the "ProVideoFormats.pkg" installer file you downloaded. You can inspect various aspects, such as where the files get installed, type of installed items (Intel or Apple Silicon), etc.

It is confusing... the page with the "Pro Video Formats 2.2.4" installer is dated 25 August 2020...