Popular iOS editing app LumaFusion from Luma Touch has added FCPX XML export, which means projects can be transferred to Final Cut Pro X in seconds.

We haven't got FCPX on an iPad, but we have something that is very close. The $30 iOS app LumaFusion from Luma Touch has had good reviews ever since its launch, but getting projects into FCPX for finishing hasn't been that easy.

LumaFusion 2.2 now adds an XML export to Final Cut Pro X feature that allows the quick transfer of timelines over to the desktop.

FCP.co friend PhotoJoseph has all the details on the export process in this demo.

LumaFusion 2.2 is available on the app store at $29.99, the export to FCPX XML feature is a one-off in-app purchase at $19.99.

Also new in 2.2 is the ability to Add/Edit Sources and Destinations.

Easily organize library and import sources, and export destinations, including separate organization for each export type. Simply tap on the Add/Edit Sources or Add/Edit Destinations buttons in the source and destination selectors in LumaFusion. GNARBOX and WD Wireless users will need to re-add those library sources after updating to version 2.2.

Also a comprehensive series of 23 LumaTouch Tutorials from PhotoJoseph. With our recent website update we can now embed YouTube playlists with one click!

Also a tie-in with Storyblocks.

Storyblocks Collections let you find interesting curated content quickly (LumaFusion includes a selection of free content from Storyblocks; access to the full library requires and in-app subscription). This works out at $10 monthly or $70 yearly.

We welcome the update, but for us, there is one killer feature still missing; Export to LumaFusion from Final Cur Pro X.

We know the creation of the media proxies would be a problem, but the dream of exporting a whole event to an iPad to edit on the train or at home over the weekend, surely can't be that far away. On a grander scale, being able to hand an iPad full of the day's rushes to a director who can pick and choose and even put a rough cut together seems an achievable post production dream.

Can this already be done by roundtripping through Frame.io? We don't know, maybe time to ping PhotoJoseph an email!


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