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The 1st of March and we have now officially launched. Slightly ahead of schedule, but it seems like the right time due to the huge traffic we've already had because of last week's big Apple news about Thunderbolt and FCP8.

It's clearly going to be an exciting time. 

So why a new website? Well probably like so many others, we used to regularly scan all the blogs and forums for upcoming events, stories, and technology news. We launched because there wasn't a website out there that offered all the news, views and tutorials in one place.

What We Offer

Just that. News, views, tutorials, offers etc etc and maybe the odd funny video which you'll find in our Render Fodder section, should you have 5 minutes of rendering time to kill.  That's right we are looking for tips, news and articles, if you have anything you think might fit with us then send it to: editor(at)fcp(dot)co.

Our Focus

Is the site primarily about Final Cut Pro, clearly yes, but we also feature some other news sections like DSLR as it seems every editor now owns one! Maybe most don't own a RED One or a Sony F3, but it's that envelope-stretching stuff that interests us.


We're also very much interested in what our users think, so get those comments going on any article you want, as there's no need to register if you are already logged into Facebook. 

We've tried to make the site as transparent as possible, so if you went to get past the main news feed on the home page, just use the labels or the search box to find articles. 

And Finally

Spread the word. Please Tweet, Bookmark, Like, Facebook or even Email your friends - let them know there is a great site they should visit. Its your contributions after all which will help us grow. Thanks and we'll keep blogging if you keep reading!

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