The guys at Lesspain Software have done a lot of listening to clients wishes. Their new version of Kyno contains a lot of new features and upgrades from user feedback. We are quite excited about the upcoming Frame.io integration. ***Patrick Southern demo video added***

We have been following the progress of Kyno on FCP.co from its launch back in 2016. If you haven't seen Kyno before, it is a cross-platform media management app that allows users to control their media and metadata right from the camera card to delivering selected files to FCPX or Premiere for editing.

Also make sure you check out Patrick's new video at the bottom of the article.

After a lot of listening to users' feedback, version 1.6 contains a lot of new features and improvements. The demo video from Lesspain runs through what's new in 1.6. 

Before we go into the detail of the update, we should mention that a standard licence of Kyno is £139, with a premium licence at £319. The premium licence gives access to more codecs such as P2 and RED. If you have purchased Kyno in the past year, the update to 1.6 is free.

Again, another app that would be perfect for a Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension (We will feed the idea back!)

Kyno 1.6


Checksum-verified backup of camera media (aka offloading) has been one of the most-requested features of our community and here it is.

People who have come to appreciate Kyno as their central hub in workflows from camera to NLE or delivery can now use the same application they use for on-set preview and organization also to make sure all their precious media has been secured bit-by-bit from their camera cards using industry-grade checksum verification employing the media hash list (MHL) standard.

This function comes with the ease of use professional users in 55 countries have gotten used to in the past 2 1/2 years and will receive more upgrades in flexibility and efficiency in the coming updates.

kyno16 fcpx 01 

RED RAW R3D Support

Premium users will finally enjoy the power and flexibility of Kyno workflows with material from RED cinema cameras and be able to preview, organise log, transcode and transfer their RED footage within Kyno.

Yes, we admit that took a lot longer than we thought but we’re psyched it has finally arrived and already see the overwhelmingly positive feedback by the RED users in our closed beta group.

kyno16 fcpx 02 

Metadata Export & Import

The reality on the ground is that it is very common for teams to work on several copies of the same high-resolution material, sometimes in different geographic locations working on removable drives instead of a central storage.

The new metadata export/import functionality allows those teams to collaboratively edit metadata like markers, tags, descriptions etc. and export the metadata for other team members to import and merge with their local metadata in a workflow that resembles a reconnect/relink step known from popular NLEs.

Feedback from our beta testers and direct network have been, that this can be a game-changer in any dynamic production environment.

kyno16 fcpx 03 

Frame.io Integration

Kyno 1.6 introduces integration with Frame.io, the market leader for professional video review and collaboration. Our integration gives teams an incredibly efficient workflow from on-location into the cloud for dailies review or any other time-critical contribution workflow: Screen, annotate, reduce material in Kyno and upload to Frame.io with a few clicks, then review and communicate with your team using Frame.io’s award-winning user interface. This feature is currently in beta and only available on request for team sizes > 10, please get in touch if you’d like to try it out.


Workflow Enhancements

The new “Paste & rename” function allows users to employ Kyno’s powerful naming engine in batch copy operations in one step making ingest processes and post-shoot material organization even faster.

The naming engine now retains a global counter across naming/transcoding/export operations, making it easy to repeatedly apply a naming preset to a single file or multiple files with an incrementing counter. You can always reset the global index before applying the naming preset.

Kyno’s popular “next/previous” clip browsing functionality now retains player settings for audio track and playback speed, making batch review of your rushes as convenient as it should be.

Other Noteworthy Improvements & Fixes

  • Marker & subclip statistics, for example how many minutes/hours you have selected as subclips, have been added to the reporting function
  • HEVC rewrapping to Mov has been added
  • The transcoder allows you to add fade-in/out filters making mass-producing social media teaser clips easier than ever before
  • New filters to find assets based on folder name or date range make finding/browsing material on your production drives plain fun
  • LUTs are now applied to thumbnails and when exporting still frames
  • XDCAM-specific codec information is displayed in the metadata overview panel
  • Stereo tracks are now marked as such in Premiere when sending them through Kyno
  • The Excel export now contains frames per second for video files
  • Several new optional metadata columns were added to the list view
  • Tags can now be exported and imported to allow sharing within a team

 Patrick Southern from Lumaforge has just released this video about how he uses Kyno.

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