The data transfer company MASV has just launched version 3 of their file transfer service. Faster transfer speeds, improved reliability and a download pay-as-you-go approach help get those large files sent. 

We are making more media, we are making bigger media and all that adds up to gigabytes if not terabytes that needs to be moved. MASV (Massive) has just launched version 3 of their file transfer service designed to move those large media files, folders and projects across the globe.

With the internet getting faster, we can only see more people transferring large files to clients, remote editors or to help collaboration within a team. We have also been disappointed by the now veteran FTP methods and certainly one very popular online data sharing site has glacial speeds  (No Amazon reference there!) compared to newer services.

One of those is MASV (Pronounced Massive) and they have just launched Version 3 off their service.

One of the big changes is charging $0.25 per gigabyte of downloaded data compared to the previous upload metering. This means that you can upload a few versions of a project before telling a client they can download.

So if you find your online data transfer service slow, want to send files bigger than 20GB and not have to manage your storage space, take a look at MASV.

We also think MASV would make an excellent Workflow Extension for Final Cut Pro X. 


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