As NAB draws near, the announcements start. Three of the speakers who will present on stage at the Faster Together event have just been announced. It is going to be well worth attending!


The initial lineup for the Faster Together Stage is now available! There are many names yet to come. However, the first few people in the Faster Together lineup look very promising.

CioniMichael Cioni will be giving the State of the Digital Union. Futurist and Senior Vice President of Innovation at Panavision, Michael Cioni, is fully invested in helping define a brighter future for digital media production.

The last decade has seen a major shift in the democratization of filmmaking tools. Film has been replaced by digital cinema cameras. HD gave way to 4K and beyond. DSLRs made cinematic film tools available to the masses. Michael will discuss where we are now, and where things are headed. 

Jonathan MorrisonJonathan Morrison is a tech review YouTuber. He has 2.6 million subscribers and over 368 million views.

Jonathan is an example of what it means to make professional content on YouTube. His team shoots a mix of RED and Arri cameras and edits entirely in Final Cut Pro X.


Aldrich HeadShot 2John Aldrich will be discussing the movie ‘The River & the Wall’ with colorist Robbie Carman from Mixing Light.

‘The River & the Wall’ is a documentary about Donald Trump’s wall, and how it would negatively impact the terrain around the Rio Grande. It will be premiering at SXSW in March!


If you are going to NAB, make sure you get a ticket for the Faster Togther event at the Rio hotel on Tuesday the 9th of April.


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