Idustrial Revolution has just released a new set of plugins for building grid slideshows on an FCPX timeline. They are on special offer at $39 for the launch, down from $49. Half-hour BTS video posted as well!

Another plugin from Idustrial Revolution that allows editors to build eye-catching slideshows directly on the Final Cut Pro X timeline.

XEffects Grid Slideshow is currently on offer at $39, (Until 23rd of February where the price goes back to $49) this set of plugins consists of moves, masks, offsets and overlay transitions.

Clumsy drop zones are avoided, title overlays are used instead so they can accommodate video with audio as well as stills. This also means that everything on the FCPX timeline is 'live' and can be trimmed, changed or adjusted at any time.

A lot of editors will think that the only way to build a complex slideshow would be by using a template in Motion. In the half-hour video below, the building of the promo video is explored and it also explains some of the thoughts behind the design of the plugin. 

There are also three other tutorials that run through the set of plugins, from looking at each effect to more complex procedures like masking and composites.


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