What happens when you combine Apple's native 3D SceneKit and FXPlug? You get Eneo3D, a new $60 plugin that allows you to import animated 3D models, light them, subject them to physics and of course use them in FCPX.

Apple's Motion has a 3D building capability, but it is only really for text and other items end up as 'postcards in space.'  So we were intrigued when Tom Langmacher told us about his company's new product Eneo3D. It is good to see developers harnessing Apple technology together because as Apple progress the SceneKit API, the improvements will trickle down to the plugin users.

Eneo3D from Reelpath is a $60 FxPlug plugin for Motion and FCPX that allows the user to build self-contained 3D scenes. You can make objects from 2D vector drawings, import animated models, apply animated materials and geometry modifiers, create titles with physics for collision and bounce or perform explosions, twists, bends and bubble.

Key Features

  • Import and Animate 3D content in a modeless interface. Animate parameters in Real Time with Motion Keyframes and Behaviors.
  • Type Directly onto Objects. Your titles are instantly composited with the Diffuse Map on any object made with SVG drawings. Create amazing Lower Thirds, Banners, Badges and Flags.
  • Create 3D objects from 2D drawings. Not only Text and Shapes with Extrude and Bevel, generate sophisticated meshes with Pillow geometry critical for Geometry Modifiers.
  • Physics for 3D. Collide with Bounce, use Magnetism, Direction, Noise, Turbulence and More for super realistic moves.
  • Animated Geometry Modifiers. Browse and Edit for Bend, Twist, Explode, Bubble, Morph, Page Turn, Flag Wave, Water Simulation, Slice and More to any Title, Shape, Primitive and SCN Model.
  • Animated Materials. Browse and Edit for Surface Materials including Fragment Shaders, Diffuse, Normal and Emission Maps. Map Video with Alpha
  • Light Gels. Static and Animated Light Gels for sophisticated Scene Lighting.
  • Built in Stage. Infinite Reflective Floor with Scrim Styles. Track Objects to the Floor or Floor to the Object. Scrim styles: Plane, Cylinder, Sphere, Cube and World.
  • Next Gen On-Screen-Control! Less Handles, More Control. Move, Rotate in Local and Screen Space. Orbit, Track, Dolly and Boom the Camera. Nudge & Constrain any transform.


Eneo3D looks like a deep plugin that you will have to spend a bit of time with to get the best results. Included are high resolution earth images and 190 animated world flags which might justify the purchase price alone.

If you are looking for free 3D models to import, we suggest you head over to Turbosquid who have good range to download from. You will find flatscreen TVs, iPhones and cars for example to practice with.

There is a watermarked trial available and a very comprehensive set of instructions that can be downloaded in iBook format.

You will require a Mac running Mojave and the latest versions of either FCPX and Motion or both. The Mac needs 4GB of RAM installed (8GB recommended) and an OpenCL capable GPU.


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