When the new workflow extensions for Final Cut Pro X were announced, only three were mentioned in the initial PR. The 'speech to text' transcription service Simon Says is the next one released and we are sure it will create a lot of interest.

This could be a real game changer. As much as we hate that overused phrase, that's exactly what inbuilt transcription services in FCPX with Simon Says might do: change the way we edit.

There have been a few companies to offer transcription services for Final Cut Pro X. Simon Says wasn't there at the start, but it is certainly the first to offer a workflow extension for FCPX.

If you are running 10.4.4 or above, then all you have to do is download the workflow extension from the Mac App Store.

After the install, you will then see the Simon Says workflow extension available in the top left hand corner. If you see the jigsaw icon, you have more than one extension installed.


So what will the Simon Says workflow extension allow you to do?

  • Transcribe FCP clips contained inside events and export back ranges with speaker names and transcribed dialog as notes (via drag and drop)
  • Transcribe simplified FCP projects and export back captions (via drag and drop)
  • Transcribe in English (Global), Spanish, French, German and Italian (this list may be outdated as new languages are being added frequently)
  • Simplified FCP Project: Apple intends captioning to be done on finished material. Currently an edit must be exported/shared into a single file, then that single file added to a new FCP Project. (will change)

We are pretty excited about the transcription working in FCPX compared to an external app. The pricing on the transcription service also looks very competitive when compared to other solutions.

Although you cannot edit the translation in the extension, Simon Says says that that functionality is planned for the future.

If you do any work that involves interviews or long spoken pieces, take a look at the Simon Says extension. It will save a lot of time.

As Mike Matzdorff is involved with the company, you know the workflow will be smooth. You can check out his previous article on Simon Says here on FCP.co


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