A busy few days for everybody! Apple's video Pro Apps all get an update and the fourth FCPX Creative Summit takes place. We have corralled the videos from the past week with multiple languages and multiple opinions on the update!

First out of the gate was the elegantly hirsute Patrick Southern who takes us on a quick tour of the new features in FCPX 10.4.4. He also nicely benchmarks the new noise reduction effects against Neat Video and DaVinci Resolve.

Hot on his heels was Steve Martin from Ripple Training with a series of videos about the new features. If anybody from YouTube is reading this, please tell the department responsible that the only way to embed playlists sucks at the moment. 

Robin S Kurz put together a roundup in two languages. We wonder if he used the same timeline with multi language Roles?

He did it in English -

And in German -

In the interest of European harmony (Current UK humour) we should also post the French roundup from our friends at YakYakYak.

Also the Spanish tour from our friends finalcutproes.

Finally, Richard Taylor streamed live during the FCPX Creative Summit. There are a few good videos where you can peer into the expo night and mixer events. 


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