On June the 4th at WWDC this year, Apple gave us a glimpse of their new Mac operating system, 10.14 or Mojave. It has been released today, you can download and install it now.

With the risk of a sounding like an overprotective dad, we have to say it before anybody complains that something has broken or they have lost work.

Before upgrading

1) Backup your system hard drive. Maybe a good time to see when your last Time Machine backup took place.

2) Do not upgrade in the middle of any mission critical work. 

3) Do not upgrade if you are away from your office or home and do not have a backup with you

4) Although the main big programs will be fine, it is normally the small add-ons or plugins that take time to update. Make sure there are compatible versions available before upgrading. An example here is the Sony XDCAM reader software.

macos mojave mbp

So having delt with all of the above issues, Mojave is a free update and is available on the Mac OS store now.

Will FCPX 10.4.3 continue to work? Obviously yes according to the beta testers who have been running the combination, but that doesn't negate the idea of a minor Pro Apps update today either.

So what are the benefits if we ignore the bug fixes & performance upgrades?

Dark mode for one, although FCPX is already dark and we assume most users have their menu bar & dock set to dark already. It is going to be good to see other apps in the same 'less eye stress' colour scheme, or indeed, lack of colour scheme!

Stacks sorted by file type is surely going to attempt to declutter our desktop and Continuity Camera is handy for including pictures or scans taken on an iOS device popping up on the Mac desktop.

macos mojave screengrab

However, for us, the new screen recording features are really going to help. Being able to record a section of the screen and choose the destination will help when trying to explain how to do a task or demoing software. We have had our default storage location for screenshots hacked to a folder a while ago, being able to choose the destination is even better.

So what works or what doesn't work? Let everybody know by posting in the comments below, or go to the MacOS Mojave thread on our Forum.

Official getting ready for Mojave information here.



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