Roger Bolton from CoreMelt has announced the release of PaintX, a tracking paint tool for Final Cut Pro X. There is also a special offer until the 8th of September.

When we first posted the news about the development of PaintX, a tracking paint plugin for Final Cut Pro X, it created a lot of excitement. Roger's quick preview video certainly proved to be popular.

The waiting is over as PaintX is now available and although we are slightly late announcing the news, it is still on offer until midnight PST September 8th 2018

Normal price $99, PaintX is available for $69 using the discount code PNTXNOW.

So what exactly is PaintX? Roger told us:

"Tracked paint has until now only been seen in high end compositing and finishing tools. We've now brought this to FCP X and at a very FCP X friendly price. As well as the usual clone, blur etc brushes there is a unique warp brush that allows for some advanced effects and our heal brush can eliminate small blemishes with a single click".

He's also put together this demo.

PaintX is powered by mocha, the Academy Award-­winning Planar Tracking technology that precisely tracks camera motion & objects. Which means when you apply the paint effects to a moving object, they will move correctly with the movement of the object.

Mocha is very clever and has been used in hundreds of feature films and for us, has been able to track objects quickly that After Effects failed on.

  • Every paint stroke is editable after being made and is fully non destructive with unlimited undo;
  • Tracked clone brush solves a multitude of common problems in seconds;
  • Integrated mocha tracker is accessible in a single button press;
  • Each stroke can have a different track applied to multiple tracks all in one plugin;
  • Copy paste track data from one stroke to another in order to apply different effects with the same track data;
  • Save and restore brush preset shapes and sizes;
  • Easily perform tasks that would otherwise involve preparing images in external image editors. 

If you need to know more, Roger has a series of tutorials from the basics, to cloning, painting and blurring.

Also work a look are CoreMelt's bundles that include PaintX. Again, these are on offer until September 8th.  

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