FxFactory is a plugin publishing platform that's home to the largest collection of Final Cut Pro X plugin developers. As there is a 20% store wide sale currently running, Dylan from Stupid Raisins 'crowdsourced' an article together from a selection of plugin writers. Sale ends September 4th 2018!

Dylan from Stupid Raisins

Hi! My name's Dylan and I hate raisins (and spiders)!


One thing I dislike more than raisins is bad video effects. That's why I started Stupid Raisins.

Like most of you, I'm a one man shop. I've got to come up with the idea, design it, build it, edit the video, update my website and a million other things. You've got to find the gig, shoot it, edit it, run a business and a million other things. I get it! That's why I focus on making fast, easy to use plugins that will give you a professional look in seconds flat.

My most popular plugin is Story Pop. Story Pop is over 680 animated and customizable Final Cut Pro X whiteboard style drawings making it a cinch to create whiteboard videos.

Do you ever need to make animated logos? If so, you may like Logo Pop. It's 50 professional quality, customizable Final Cut Pro X logo animation titles.


Ryan from osmFCPX

With over 20 years working in the industry I’ve tacked on a lot of "&’s" to the title “Editor.”

Recently I added Rotoscope/Removal VFX Artist for Ryan Connolly’s ‘BALLiSTIC’ and Aharon Rhabinowitz’s ‘Hewlogram’.

As an “Editor &…” I’m always looking for solutions that are simple and efficient but don’t sacrifice quality. Sometimes you gotta make your own fix and the integration between Motion and FCPX have provided me an opportunity to also add Plugin Developer to the list.

I built AddMotion to serve as an option for creating custom, quick but clean Motion Graphics inside FCPX all without having to deal with keyframes. For my own client work, AddMotion is easily the plugin I use most. In the ‘war on keyframes’ I’ve made AddMotion a beast ready for battle.

To check out AddMotion and my other FCPX plugins, like osm.iPhone, go to osmFCPX.com.


Steven from PolaricFX

Hi, I'm Steven Jensen. I love to see ideas come to life and to simplify and solve problems.

I create "tools for your trade" to save you time, money, and enhance the amazing work you create.

One idea that seemed like a no-brainer to was to help bring social media and electronic communication to life. Whether it's popular social media platforms or simple messages/notifications GetSOCIAL is your go to solution.

Quickly highlight Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or other platforms in your project. GetSOCIAL has 30 professionally animated and customizable FCPX templates to impress your clients and get you home in time for dinner.

No more filming small screens!

Capture the reactions and emotions of your subjects while highlighting the communication.

Social media is an integral part of life and now it can easily be a part of your projects moving forward.

Save yourself the headache and keep projects progressing with its simple design. Check it out and learn more at polaricfx.com.


Mark from Ripple Training

Ripple Tools Complete is an awesome set of 32 Final Cut Pro X plugins that will allow you to quickly accomplish a number of effects and editorial tasks.

Add Glows and Light Rays to your text and video; format and animate your text along 4 different path types; remove unwanted pixels using our Cloner; create Scrolls or Crawls with custom graphics or video; apply various Retiming Effects; and apply classics effects like Tritone, Grad Filter, Black & White and Vignette effects.

Use our Adjustment Layer to control the look of multiple clips and our insanely useful Guides plugin for aligning text and graphic elements on the screen. Instantly improve the look of videos that were shot vertically. Add Shutter, Viewfinder and Tilt-Shift effects, animate Split Screens, Picture-in-Picture, Reflection effects and more!

Each plugin is organized by category and color-coded for quick identification. We’ve also included helpful QuickTips built into the plugin UI for a quick reference guide on how to use them.

Ripple Tools Complete is a versatile and powerful effects toolbox that puts productivity right at your fingertips.


Alex from Alex4D

Alex Gollner trades as Alex4D on the internet and has been commenting on and making plugins for Final Cut Pro classic and X since 2008. He has two commercial plugin packs: Alex4D 360° Effects and Alex4D Animation Transitions. They are both part of the 20% off FxFactory Summer sale.

Want to add animation to your stories? Alex4D Animation Transitions is a pack of 120 Final Cut Pro X transitions you can use to easily animate clips, graphics and titles onto and off the screen.

Use Alex4D Animation Transitions to add instant character to logos, text, graphic elements and even video clips by scaling, springing, bouncing, sliding and skidding them as they appear on and vanish from your timeline.

No keyframes needed - instantly change and retime complex animations by choosing options in the transition inspector, dragging on-screen controls or changing the duration of the transitions in the timeline.

All the transitions work at any resolution (from 480p up to 8K and higher), any frame rate and any aspect ratio (from landscape 20:1, 16:9, 4:3, square to portrait 3:4, 9:16, 1:20).

Use Alex4D Animation Transitions to animate with ease so you can concentrate on telling your stories.

Find out more about Alex’s many free plugins and his FxFactory plugins at alex4d.com.


Peter from Idustrial Revolution

I've been there from the start of building effects in Motion, actually before the start when a promo of mine using Motion was aired on broadcast TV before version 1 was released. Idustrial Revolution also made the first commercial Motion product (yes before them) and being the longest serving developer on FxFactory, we have the longest running (and some would say our best) product on the platform, Volumetrix.

The focus is now on making great Final Cut Pro X plugins using the power of Motion.

We like to think the companies' products are aimed from prosumer up to broadcast FCPX editors. A lot of time is spent getting things right, building in functionality and customisation. Simple things like built-in colour palettes or more complex options such as different in & out animations.

We recently released the popular XEffects Smooth Glass Slideshow, a set of effects and transitions that combine to build beautiful slideshows.

It caught the eye of Steve Martin and stared in a recent episode of MacBreak Studio.


So there you go, a cross section of developers who publish their plugins through FxFactory.

Don't forget that all of their plugins are in the 20% off storewide summer sale that runs until 2400 Tuesday September 4th 2018!


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