There hasn't been one for a while, possibly because the 10.4 update came out slightly later than expected, but.. Here is the latest Final Cut Pro X Virtual User Group video recording.

Time for Virtual User Group number 10 and this time the 360 has been dropped and we are back to good ol' flat video. Slightly out of sync however.

The usual cast of subjects got together last night the 20th of December to record the latest Virtual User Group. 

We also welcome back Alex Lindsay to the panel comprising of Steve Martin, Mark Spencer, Sam Mestman and Mike Matzdorff. Major kudos to Steve for being the only one wearing a Christmas jumper!

They talk about the new colour controls, 360 production and much much more. This embed includes the post show chat, but might change if it gets deleted.

 Want to watch previous versions of the VUG. No problem, we list them here.


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