KeyFlow Pro is a simple but powerful media asset manager, designed specifically to meet the needs of small to medium workgroups. It delivers a wide range of features at an affordable price through an intuitive UI.

Since introducing Live Folders in the 1.8 update, KeyFlow Pro also allows for easy FCP X Library sharing, with a simple drag-and-drop function between FCP X and KeyFlow Pro.

Combining a powerful MAM with FCP X Library sharing all in one tool makes KeyFlow Pro a very attractive solution for media asset management and project collaboration in workgroups.

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The KeyFlow Pro team has received significant feedback from users, resulting in the 10.8.2 update which is available on the App store from today. A sneak-peek of this first beta version was revealed at FCPX World in Broadcast during IBC 2017:

Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Live Folder enhancements

The Live Folder, first introduced in version 1.8, is a convenient feature that automatically imports and indexes media into the KeyFlow Pro library. It keeps the folder structure intact and detects changes in a Live Folder to automatically update it. Using Live Folders, KeyFlow Pro provides a well-established collaboration system for Final Cut Pro X.

With the new update, when sharing a KeyFlow Pro library over a local network, client users can request the server to rescan for changes within a specific Live Folder instead of having to mass scan all folders.

Also, the KeyFlow Pro team has improved the scanning process, making the rescanning speed up to 10 times faster than in the previous version!

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Using the new Notification Option integrated with macOS Notifications, your collaborative workflow can be more seamless than ever.

Once you set the Notification Option in each desired Live Folder, macOS notifications will alert you in real- time when and what is added into the Live Folder, even while you are working on other apps. This means you no longer need to manually notify your collaborators every time a new File, Event or Project is added.

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You can also take advantage of the various options within the macOS Notification center. The notifications sent via KeyFlow Pro will be shown directly on the macOS native notification system, providing you with greater integration into the platform and even more flexibility on how you are notified of information updates.

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Edit with custom-resolution proxy media

When you import media into KeyFlow Pro, and you have checked the “Create Preview File during Import” in the Preferences pane before importing, a low-resolution preview file will automatically be created in the background through a built-in H.264 (MP4) transcoder. You can make custom adjustments for the Resolution and the Video/Audio Bitrate settings of the preview files in the Encoder pane.

Note: you can also create low-res preview files after the media has been imported.

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If you've ever wanted to use these preview files for proxy editing, KeyFlow Pro now allows you to copy and gather preview files into one folder. It also immediately removes the .mp4 extension automatically, which can greatly reduce the time required to upload proxy files over the network to a cloud service.

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You can use the custom resolution proxy files to collaborate remotely via the cloud, or to create a proxy-only Library for on-the-road editing and seamlessly relink to the hi-res media once you get back at the studio.

Export high-resolution stills

KeyFlow Pro now supports the ability to export high-resolution still images of any frae in your imported media.

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With the updated KeyFlow Pro you can store, sort, search, play, annotate and share media and much more, with team-based shared libraries over the network allowing for easy Project collaboration in workgroups. And, of course, macOS High Sierra support is included! To see the full list of the update, check the release notes.

KeyFlow Pro is available on the App Store and a 30-day free trial is offered on their website, www.keyflowpro.com.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact the KeyFlow Pro team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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