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Curves, Wheels, and Tracked Masks With CoreMelt's New Colour Grading FCPX Plugin Chromatic

It is billed as "The most comprehensive and powerful grading tool for FCPX" CoreMelt has just released Chromatic, a $99 colour grading tool for Final Cut Pro X with wheels, curves and best of all, Mocha mask tracking.

There are many colour correction and grading tools for video editors. Not all though have been tailored especially for Final Cut Pro X. CoreMelt has just announced Chromatic, a $99 plugin for FCPX and Motion  that features wheels, curves and of course LUTs.

What is new to the market for FCPX colour correction plugins is the tracking of masks using the Academy Award winning Mocha tracker. Of interest as well is the claim that as many adjustments can me made on a clip without a playback performance hit. 

Roger Bolton, CoreMelt founder and director states “The feedback we have from our large pool of beta testers is that we’ve succeeded in making something that just feels better to use than the alternatives, and also has the comprehensive deep tools for grading which are missing in FCP X as a default. Of course this is only the start, as with all our products we will be adding features in free updates”.

"Chromatic gives me a whole new level of control.... It's fast, simple and most of all, accurate." Che Baker, Director, Blue World Order.

“I just did a job using masks and replace color to replace blown skies and it was SUPER helpful.” Dan Svoboda, Editor.

There is a special promotion for one week, purchasers of Chromatic will also receive five LUT collections that give over 150 instant looks. That all adds up to $99 extra value. The offer ends midnight PST 7/8/17

The world of colour correction add-ons for FCPX is a competitive one, but tracked masks using Mocha will certainly give Chromatic the edge over similar products. Make sure you watch the demo below, it goes into much more detail than the video above.


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