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Two New Final Cut Pro X Products in Beta Announced by Coremelt

Again, like 2016, most of the interesting news for Final Cut Pro users actually happened outside of the NAB show. Coremelt announced two new products that are in beta. Scribeomatic for automatic transcription of dialogue and Chromatic, a colour grading plugin with built-in tracking.

Roger from Coremelt very kindly got in touch to tell us about two new products he and his team have in beta. Both were shown for the first time at Lumaforge's 'Faster Together' series of presentations which will be featured on FCP.co over the next few weeks.

“CoreMelt has expanded our development team the last 18 months and so we’re going to be pushing out a lot of exciting stuff. First, Scribeomatic, our solution for cloud based transcription and text based dialogue search. This got an amazing reaction during the presentation at the faster together stage, at the end the general response was “when can we have this?”. Its really going to be a game changer for people who do a lot of dialogue heavy unscripted work, e.g. Reality TV, Documentaries, Corporate events etc."

"Secondly we revealed Chromatic, a full featured color grading plugin. We think that because of the intergration with SliceX tracked masks this will be a really nice and powerful tool for people that want to do detailed finishing and grading on the FCP X timeline. It will also include degrain and regrain tools, another unique point.” 


Both very interesting. If you would like to help test the betas out, you can contact the Coremelt team here.

Also it is worth pointing out that Coremelt has a sale on, 30% off products including the new VXF Market until Friday the 5th of May.


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