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Rent Get the dialog search tool for Final Cut Pro editors. It might just revolutionize your work flow. Especially when you consider that you can locate footage based on the spoken dialog within your content. Get includes a powerful set of features that combine a unique spoken-word search with traditional methods of content identification. More after the break.

Get eliminates much of the time and expense of logging every word (transcribing), saving thousands of productivity dollars on every project. It will even change the way you think about organizing your content. Bypassing manual and often highly error-prone processes lets you concentrate on storytelling, without worrying about the housekeeping tasks associated with a typical editing project. Here's how to search:

AV3's 'get' uses a patented phonetic search technology so that all of the rich media in your library can be quickly indexed to make it searchable. This phonetic approach is dictionary-independent, producing the most accurate representation possible of the true spoken content. Even searching non-standard words such as people, place or product names is very intuitive and provides accurate results. Indexing speed varies depending upon media complexity, length (duration in minutes/hours), size of files and overall noise levels but, in general, is many times faster than real time. How to export:

Get is an exciting search tool for Final Cut Pro users. To find out more info and get a price list and a free 10 day trial go here.

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