This will be a story that is familiar to many. Joaquin has progressed from a very early version of Premiere, through Final Cut Pro 7 and now edits with the current version of FCP. And yes, he does love it.!


Hello, special greeting to the whole FCP family. My name is Joaquin Gonzalez Dájer. My story starts in 1999 (Cuba my country of origin), back then I started studying video techniques, allowing me to learn what I needed to become a cameramen, using my personal camera which was a Sony miniDV during 1999 and 2004. I was filming on my own.

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At this time, everything I captured in my camera was edited by others. In 2003 I wasn’t able to complete a project because the editor’s computer was broken. This incident pushed me to buy a PC with a 20 GB hard drive with 512 MB memory ram. I was able to install Adobe Premiere 6.5 and without knowing anything about editing, in less than six months I learned to edit on my own and without a tutorial. I was then able to do take on the editing work as well.

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By February 2004 I started working on television (Cuba) obtaining a great TV production grounding and a many professional techniques. This gave me the ability to develop even more as a cameraman and as an editor doing several individual works and obwinning awards. I celebrated the first anniversary of a magazine called “Punto y Seguimos” hosted by Migdalia Morales.

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In 2007 I emigrated with my family to the United States. In the first two years, between 2008 and 2010, I could hardly edit anything except a few family videos. I was working since 2010 as a Cameraman and Editor in the first Spanish-speaking channel in the United States (Univision).

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In 2011 I was able to buy my first 27-inch iMac and this is where my story with Final Cut Pro begins, installing Version 7 at that time, from the moment I started working it was all very familiar to me, it reminded me of my early editing experiences, I enjoyed it very much. Among many of the editions I made is My First Trip to Europe, Italy in the Vatican in 2014, with the Canonization of two Popes, and other editions made in FCP 7 that won several Emmys, here I leave part of that memory.

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In early 2016 I installed Final Cut Pro X, but couple weeks later my iMac stopped working and I was only able to work with the program a few times.

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So as one of the virtues that characterizes me (patience) in the next six years all I did was watch Final Cut Pro tutorials from time to time. At the beginning of 2022 and thanks to my Supervisors Samuel Belilty, Carlos Corrales, and Carlos Sagastegui, the opportunity was given to buy, install it, study it and carry out ‘My First Piece’ in Final Cut Pro that I so longed for. By March 24, I had published a summary of the first month of the Attack on Ukraine and this was the material that is placed as the starting point.



I define Final Cut Pro as a paradigm shift that you can have the feeling of the innate cut and master the rhythms of action or dialogue. It's almost like laying down a perfect dance, the movie becomes your partner, when you really get in tune with its rhythms.

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The amazing sensation and freedom that it gave me spread to others that appreciate it and enjoy it as well. Two of them, Javier Uria and Edward Esquivel, colleagues that now are fascinated with Final Cut Pro thanks to the knowledge I shared with them. They describe it as FUTURISTIC AND VERSATILE.

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Now, Final Cut Pro is like an inspiration that returns, it's as if you've been reborn as a new editor. It might not be the most complete software, but it is very easy and pleasant to work with with. The great optimisation of its platform maximizes creation and minimizes technical problems. It is an extremely stable, fast and reliable editing software, with everything living simply in a Library. The Harmony with which you interact with Final Cut Pro is what makes you make your movie. There is no barrier between thinking and editing, once you start, you establish an intrinsic relationship in your First Project that You Will Always Love.

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I'm a cameraman and editor and I love Final Cut Pro ! 

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rustychainpro's Avatar
rustychainpro replied the topic: #124147 14 Feb 2023 15:40
Great story Joaquin! I love that you were self taught and were able to transition through so many of the shifts in video production so well. Congrats on your work!
jan@exalted.la's Avatar
jan@exalted.la replied the topic: #124234 17 Feb 2023 16:34
Great story. I switched to FCPX a long time ago and was forced to go back to Premiere for a project. What a terrible experience! It’s like going back to the Stone Age. It stunts your creativity.
JGLENTEXD replied the topic: #124366 25 Feb 2023 03:32
k you very much for your comment, I spent a long wait to finally install it and study it, but it was almost the same, like the girlfriend you want for yourself, you know that you will like it a lot before trying it, thank you and sorry if I have any typing errors, I have I have to rely on a translator, here I will be aware and pending in this community.
JGLENTEXD replied the topic: #124367 25 Feb 2023 03:36
hahaha yes, I work in Television in Miami covering news on the Street, and sometimes I have to edit inside the station in AVID, and it seems like The Stone Age
martin.schneider-lau's Avatar
martin.schneider-lau replied the topic: #124665 22 Mar 2023 17:20
Thank you for writing your story. I think the same. FCPX has no limits, and when there is one, you buy a plugin. I am in love too. Many of the old professionals don't really understand this software. I came from AVID, and FC 7 and since I am editing with FCPX, my editor life restarted.
JGLENTEXD replied the topic: #124673 23 Mar 2023 02:21
Thank you for taking your time to read the article, I believe that Apple really does magic with its software, hardware and services, and Final Cut Pro is much more than a human mind, Everything that can be imagined can be created, every day I work at it, they make news for a television channel, and more cameramen have been added where I work, thank you very much for your comment.
mistermattsmith's Avatar
mistermattsmith replied the topic: #126399 16 Jul 2023 12:44
Nice article. We felt the same way when we switched at Tech TV (now Holler) from FCP7 to FCPX. It just felt more fun, more creative and there was less clutter in the way of telling the story. You can see the current stuff we're making with it on our site www.holler.video/
JGLENTEXD replied the topic: #126443 20 Jul 2023 03:40
Thanks for commenting, it's still amazing, the way you mix with Final Cut Pro is admirable, once you start your day in front of an Apple computer and that majestic FCP editing program you don't know when you'll get out of your chair again.