With many countries going back into lockdown to escape the new Covid variant, we thought it was an ideal opportunity to revisit Lee Herbet's tips for better audio and video from home.

For many of us, working from home is not a new thing. But networking, communicating and even just socialising from home may be new.

In the past if it was just a FaceTime with mum or someone close it didn’t matter if our camera wasn’t great and if our audio wasn’t pristine. Though now that we are using video calls for more and more professional work we want to look and sound our best.

I created this short video to show you some tips on how you can improve how you look and sound in your video chats. Some of them you can implement right away and some others may require a bit of gear that you may already have sitting about the home office.

One note about the gear, since I recorded this various camera manufactures have released software drivers that allow you to use their cameras as webcams directly via the USB off the camera and so you don’t need to get a capture card type device.

Here are some links - Please note that not all cameras are supported
Sony - https://www.sony.com.au/electronics/support/articles/00247038
Canon - https://www.canon.com.au/explore/how-to-use-your-camera-as-a-webcam
Panasonic - https://www.panasonic.com/global/consumer/lumix/lumix_webcam_software.html
Fuji - https://fujifilm-x.com/en-us/webcam-support/
Arri - https://arri-webshop.com/products/entertainment-media/electronic-devices/87/arri-webcam 


Written by

Cinematographer, Producer and Apple Certified Trainer, Capture.ink

Lee Herbet is a filmmaker and educator. Through his company, Capture.ink, he and his team have helped some of the biggest brands in the world tell their stories.

He loves teaching and delivers workshops all over the world. He writes for a number of online photography and video sties on topics ranging from reviews to “how to” articles. He is also a certified Final Cut Pro Master Trainer.

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