The first of a new month, so time for a roundup of the Final Cut Pro X, Motion & Compressor tutorials that we have liked over the past few weeks in June. Something for everyone!

It is getting harder to find good tutorials as it seems that various plugin manufacturers are paying YouTubers and influencers to feature & endorse their products. We are a bit wary of these videos that are just long adverts. Also we have never hidden the fact that FCP.co is a sister company to a plugin developer, it has helped keep the lights on and the server warm! 

We start with a short tutorial (Ahem, from that sister company) that contains a great tip. Is it possible to reorientate iPhone footage in Final Cut Pro X without having to open up the Inspector and fiddle with the rotation and scale controls? Of course it is!

Joesph Creates introduces us to a cool slice effect that is perfect for music videos. This is an effect we will certainly have in our locker to use next time when we need to jazz some footage up.


In our last tutorial roundup, we missed out any videos from the prolific Emilio Takas. To fix that, we are including his tutorial where he shows us how to do speed ramps in Final Cut Pro X.

We are including the next video, not for the instruction, but for the claim that settings can alter the amount of views a YouTube video can achieve. We are pretty sceptical, but we will let you make your own minds up.

We have seen quite a few questions on forums where an editor has got themselves in knots by putting audio into the Primary Storyline. Luckily, Ben Halsall has made a tutorial video to show how to correct the situation and get your video clips where they should be.

Want a free clock face plugin for Final Cut Pro X and also know how it was made in Apple's Motion? This tutorial video will give you both, if you don't want to follow along, you can download the finished plugin for free.

We tend to use the export presets that are built-in to FCPX. However, if a client needs a specific bitrate for a deliverable, how do you go about exporting to those specifications? This video from Bruce in Australia runs through how to set up export presets with Compressor.

We really liked Cess Mercedes' video tutorial for two reasons. The first is it is inspiring to watch a young editor sit in front of a computer and take the ideas from her brain and convert them in to reality. Secondly, she is using chapters on YouTube which has reminded us we need to get around to dicing up some of our videos.

Finally, we have featured the automatic subtitling service Simon Says before on FCP.co, but we thought this new tutorial was worth a post. If you do a lot of subtitling in FCPX, or even just want an interview to be searchable in the browser by words, try out Simon Says.


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