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FCP.co Live Show 5 - Extreme Mobile Filmmaking - Making Documentaries on the Road

"When I would tell you have to pack everything you need for a year to live, produce and deliver a documentary series from the road into a 4WD and a camper trailer, would you call me crazy or jump at the opportunity?" In this show, we will be speaking to Carsten Orlt who we recently featured on FCP.co, he jumped!

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We are all looking forward to this live show as it gives us the opportunity to talk to Carsten Orlt, who has been on the road in a camper trailer making broadcast documentaries in Australia.

If you haven't read the first two parts of Carsten's story here on FCP.co, grab a (large) coffee and enjoy the links below. Then of course be here for the live chat and the opportunity to aim a question at Carsten!

1 Year, 30,000 km - On the road with FCPX Part 1 

1 Year, 30,000 km - On the road with FCPX Part 2 - Editing 


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