Apple has just announced the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Faster chips, better screens and of course more cameras on the back. Those phone are nothing less of a computational marvel so we discussed the phones and their implications on mobile filmmaking. A lot of chat, a lot of information and a lot of fun!

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By now, we are pretty sure that you've watched the recent Apple presentation. No new Macs, but there were new phones. 

We also know that iPhones are now used to shoot film and television programmes on a regular basis. The excellent Filmic Pro app adds the controls you need such as a fixed framerate to produce incredible results.

And now the iPhone 11 Pro with its three lenses advances the art. One example being the ablity to record multiple focal lengths of a shot, or forward and backward views at the same time. Slofie anybody?

Time to get some people on our live show who know what they are talking about!

We are very pleased to welcome Joseph, AKA PhotoJoseph (make sure you check out his great Youtube channel) and live chat regular Gabriel Spaulding. All hosted of course by Felipe Baez.

In our next show, we will be talking to Carsten Orlt, the man behind the Visible Farmer series we have featured here on FCP.co.


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