LumaForge has published more presentation videos from the 2019 Faster Together Stage which was held during NAB in Las Vegas. Some great videos to watch and lots to learn from real life post production stories.

If you took a look at our Instagram page during the night, or our article with photos from the event, you will know that there were some great presentations on the Faster Together Stage.

Apart from Jonathan Morrison's presentation, all the videos from that evening have now been published on YouTube, which gives ua a good excuse to list them here.

The night started with a presentation from LumaForge's Sam Mestman and why failure isn't a failure, it is iteration.

The team behind the documentary 'The River & The Wall' discuss editing the feature-length project in DaVinci Resolve, color grading using Dolby Vision, and mixing the audio for Dolby Atmos. 

Next up, Colorist & DIT, Adrienne Klotz-Floyd, discusses the interaction of lighting, camera sensors, and post production when it comes to getting proper color for your film project. 

Have kit that you don't use everyday, or need to hire a special piece of camera gear? Lisbeth Kaufman, CEO of KitSplit explains how you can solve both problems with her company which is the AirBnB of the equipment rental market.

Finally for this post, Editor, Kyle Reiter, and Assistant Editor, Ernie Gilbert talk about their work with Adobe Premiere Pro CC on the FX channel tv series 'Atlanta'.

We will of course publish Jonathon Morrison's presentation when it becomes available.


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