At the recent LACPUG meeting, one of the guests on stage was tech reviewer and vlogger Jonathan Morrison. A big FCPX fan, watch how he discovered how fast it was to edit when compared to a colleague's NLE.

Jonathan's YouTube channel where he reviews tech like Macs, phones and TVs has over 2.6 million subscribers, which is pretty impressive. He's also a big fan of Final Cut Pro X having moved over from the original Final Cut and... Final Cut Express!

He is one of the new breed of prolific video producers online who has become very popular. Using FCPX, his team can turn around reviews of kit quickly, often before a lot of people have had a chance to even own the items.

So, Jonathan made an ideal guest at the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group that concentrated on Final Cut Pro X.

We particularly enjoyed Jonathan's comparisons between FCPX and Adobe Premiere, we won't post any spoilers, but the speed comparisons are quite remarkable. (Said in a very Colemanesque style.)


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