Shamir Allibhai told FCP.co how the Simon Says workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X can auto translate subtitles into 50 languages in seconds. Pretty Impressive.

We are now very familiar with Simon Says, the automatic transcribing workflow extension for Final Cut Pro X. What we didn't know though was its speed at translating captions into different languages and making them into separate caption role layers in FCPX.

Shamir Allibhai from Simon Says explains:


Simon Says now auto-translates your video’s subtitles into 50 languages. Within seconds. And right from within FCPX.

Imagine versioning your 2-hour feature for international territories for a few bucks and ready before you can finish responding to your recent text message.

We started by chipping away at the frustration of transcription and captioning by using advanced artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology. We now do this in 100 languages. The accuracy is amazing and it is quite easy to foresee a world where software automates this with near perfection.

We are now chipping away at the frustration of translation with A.I. in our updated Simon Says Extension for Final Cut Pro X.

See, five years ago I directed an animated documentary on the history of chess for an exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art. Lore has it that chess started in India and spread from there. It is now a game obsessively played and followed all over the world.

When the rotating exhibit ended, I wanted to distribute my documentary through video platforms (like iTunes and VHX/Vimeo) to share how the game has shaped culture over 1500 years with the quirky and colorful stories of some of its most famous players.

This is a film for a global audience who all have a shared history in the esteemed board game.

It needed to be translated and the English narration converted into almost a dozen languages.

simon says fcpx 1

But translation is was a slow, expensive, and frustrating experience where I needed to hire and manage multiple freelancers over weeks.

If my film was in post production today and with the new Simon Says FCP X Extension, I could simply:

  1. Drag my FCP X Project with the edited sequence into the Simon Says Extension.
  2. Transcribe.
  3. Translate: select all or some of the 50 languages supported.
  4. Drag the Captions XML back to FCP X.

The subtitles magically appear on the timeline, in seconds, ready for distribution.


Our vision is to remove the tedious and mundane with advances in artificial intelligence so you can be unburdened to focus on the more meaningful and creative aspects of your work.

We are excited to share the latest update with you and are confident it is a step in that direction.

Happy auto transcribing and translating,
Shamir Allibhai and the Simon Says team

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