Well, it has been a slow January for news (that we can publish) so we thought we would post this video that we came across on our YouTube explorations. Don't shout at the screen!

We all know that Final Cut Pro X is radically different from track based NLEs. But how will somebody who is only used to tracks get on trying to edit in FCPX for the first time?

In this twenty minute YouTube video, Minhute records his first encounter with FCPX, safe to say it is not all plain sailing. 

We found this video very interesting for a few reasons.

The first is that there seem to be so many 'gotchas' for those first-time users who are used to bins and tracks. Minhute can edit, but he makes a number of basic errors that compromise his experience, such as putting the music in the Primary Storyline.

The second is that he would have had a much better time after a very basic walkthrough of how FCPX works. You can't drive it like Premiere (it also won't crash like Premiere) and a few minutes spent watching a tutorial would have eased his pain.

Or indeed he could read this excellent two part tutorial for switchers from Adobe Premiere Pro.

So go easy on the guy in the comments if you head over to YouTube. We have to thank him for being so honest with his screen recording. It gives us a glimpse in to what other editors might have to go through if they intend to work FCPX without doing a little homework first.



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