If you are anywhere near Los Angeles next week, then you must attend the 18th anniversary of the LACPUG. FCP & Premiere creator Randy Ubillos and original FCP team member Tim Serda will be interviewed by Michael Horton. Bradley Olsen will present the debut of 'Off the Tracks' the crowdfunded documentary about FCPX. There's a coupon code as well!

If we could get to Los Angeles, we know where we would be this coming Wednesday the 27th of June, The Gallery Theatre where the 18 year anniversary meeting of the LACPUG is to be held.

Space for the event is limited, so if you are planning on going we suggest you reserve your seat for $10 on Eventbrite now. Better still, by using the discount code offtrack, it will save attendees $5.

The Los Angeles Creative Pro User group was the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group before FCPX was released, so it is good to see the group going back to its roots.

The night will feature the official debut of the crowdfunded documentary on Final Cut Pro X called Off the Tracks. Director Brad Olsen will be in attendance to introduce the film and take questions after.

Says Brad, "This documentary features exclusive interviews with the creative professionals who use the software and the developers who created it. Why did Apple make Final Cut Pro X? With misinformation running amok, Off The Tracks aims to clear the air once and for all."

Also on the evenings agenda will be a trip down memory lane with FCP Creator Randy Ubillos and LACPUG head Michael Horton. "We intend to take a trip back to the beginning," says Horton. "Back to the early years of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group and the Digital Revolution. Back to the beginnings of Final Cut Pro, from its origins at Macromedia all the way until Final Cut Pro X. There will be never before seen footage, and never before heard stories."

Scheduled to be in the audience and perhaps on stage, (subject to availability) will be members of the original FCP team, Michael Wohl, Tim Serda and Paul Saccone. Also in the audience will be Ramy Katrib of DigitalFilm Tree and Dan Fort. "Many other invites to the 'superstars' of the Digital Revolution and the FCP have been sent out," says Horton.

Try and make it if you can as the majority of the evening will not be recorded for publishing later.


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