The new captions feature in the recent FCPX 10.4.1 update is certainly creating a lot of interest. A new version of SpeedScriber, the automated transcription app now lets editors export transcribed text into iTT format for import as captions in Final Cut Pro X. Speedscriber 2 also supports five new languages.

SpeedScriber 2 Screenshot

Digital Heaven's major new feature in SpeedScriber 2.0 is support for five new languages — Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish — in addition to the existing English.

SpeedScriber 2 Languages Menu

As the company has been developing for the ecosystem since 2003, it isn’t surprising that SpeedScriber is already tightly integrated with Final Cut Pro X with support for round tripping of audio, video, sync and multicam clips where transcripts are added as keywords. SpeedScriber 2.0 deepens that integration further with support for compound clips and iTunes Timed Text export.

Compound clip support allows users to edit out parts of source clips that don’t require transcribing. As SpeedScriber works on a pay-per-minute basis (starting at US$0.50 per minute with discounts for larger purchases) this gives the app greater flexibility and could help to reduce costs.

But for many editors, the most interesting new feature is export to iTunes Timed Text, which is the preferred import and export format for captions in the 10.4.1 update. Users will be able to export edited projects to an audio or video file and get a transcription created in minutes. The transcript can be quickly edited using SpeedScriber and then exported to iTT format. 

SpeedScriber 2 ITT Menu

SpeedScriber has always supported export of transcripts to SRT files, and as with that format, Digital Heaven advises using SpeedScriber to get the speech transcribed (ensuring that only dialogue role is exported for the best accuracy) and then add any non-speech captions and make any timing adjustments in another app.

With the new features in 10.4.1, that other app can now be Final Cut Pro X! Anyone who has ever manually typed in captions will be keen to try this out as it could save them an awful lot of time and effort.

SpeedScriber 2 Custom Words

Other new features in SpeedScriber 2.0 include a rewritten word editing engine, variable font size, resizable panels in the UI, ability to save and recall custom words and export to Word. These can then be easily recalled later with a single click. e.g. if someone’s name or a brand name keeps cropping up in the transcript but the automated transcription didn’t get it right.


The SpeedScriber 2.0 update is available on the Mac App Store now.

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