It has been a few weeks since the event, but we are very pleased to be able to publish the full FCPX & Motion presentation that Apple gave at the LACPUG meeting in Los Angeles on January 14th.

Normally, these events are not allowed to be recorded, so we were very happy when we found out that the whole presentation had been published by LumaForge. There's a new camera angle too!

Patrick Southern from LumaForge adds:

Last month the Los Angeles Creative Pro Users Group (LACPUG) dedicated their monthly meeting to all things Final Cut Pro X. Apple product marketing showed off 10.4’s newest features to the standing room only crowd of Hollywood editors and filmmakers. It’s safe to say some minds were blown, especially during the HDR segment.

So, if you haven't seen it before, sit back and enjoy 45 minutes of Final Cut Pro X, the new color grading tools, HDR, 360 production and of course the new iMac Pro.


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