The new color tools in the coming FCP X update look very impressive. They will undoubtedly incite more people to stay right within FCP X from start to finish. But they will also offer new opportunities for third-part developers to add extra functionality to the enhanced grading functions inside FCP X.

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In this respect, the new Chromatic grading plugin from Coremelt is very interesting because it is fast, it adds industry-standard Mocha tracking software to the process and it works with the Tangent Ripple control surface.

In his presentation at the FCP X World event at IBC, Roger Bolton from Coremelt demonstrated how you can accelerate grading, enhance client presentations and get great results quickly using the Chromatic grading tool. At the time of the recording, there was no official word on the FCP X update yet. But you will undoubtedly see where the Chromatic grading plugins will be very useful:

Also from Coremelt is the completely new Scribeomatic tool. It is still in beta, but we expect an official release later this month.

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Cloud based transcriptions services are now getting to the point where they can be fast and accurate enough to assist video editors.

In particular if you have extensive rushes with dialogue for a documentary, news or unscripted tv of any type, you can accelerate your editing workflow many times over by using text based Dialogue search to organize your footage. Roger Bolton demonstrates various workflows and techniques using the Scribeomatic software:

I hope you have enjoyed these demos. We still have quite a few workflow studies and feature demos coming from FCPX World IBC. Stay tuned.

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