Two great videos from the recent LACPUG. Philip Hodgets demos FindrCat with Final Cut Pro X and Lawrence Jordan & Richard Sanchez preview their new assistant editor training course.

The guys at Intelligent Assistance are very clever. They have built up a portfolio of apps that work with FCPX and its XML that really extend and automate the power of Apple's NLE.

In this recent demo at the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, Philip Hodgets runs through FindrCat, an app that creates Finder tags from FCPX keywords. We have featured the app (and Philip) on FCP.co before when Findrcat was released.

We have been tinkering with KeyFlow Pro, but many users won't want a MAM (Media Asset Management) that has so many features, so as Philip quite rightly says, this is a MAM for those who don't want a MAM.

Also keep an eye on Philip and Greg at IBC as they have hinted there's another app in the pipeline! (And another song?)


Next up is a 24 minute presentation from Lawrence Jordan & Richard Sanchez. They talk about their new online course for people who want to learn what it takes to be an assistant editor on feature films. Good timing as there are always questions about the role of assistant editors and how to become one. 

Assistant Editor Immersion 1.0 hasn't been officially launched yet, but they do mention pricing which comes in under $1,000. The first 50 who register will get 40% off the course.

Also included in the presentation is an extra bit of history about Randy Ubilos and Final Cut Pro, or Key Grip as it was known.


Many thanks to Michael Horton for publishing these, we will sure miss him and the Supermeet at next month's IBC in Amsterdam.

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