Want to know more about the state of each of the NLEs in the industry? This forty minute panel discussion with some of the top industry commentators is well worth a watch. 

Everybody has an opinion about which NLE they like or they think is better. At the recent Faster Together stage at NAB, four leading industry contributors discussed the state of editing around the world and the good points and bad points of each NLE. The panel, hosted by Bill Davis features  Michael Kammes, Oliver Peters and Scott Simmons.

Well, we are obviously a bit biased here on FCP.co, but we think that this was a pretty balanced discussion. Although Avid seems to have a vice like grip on Hollywood, it probably gave the panel the most concern over its long term life due to the company's very rocky financials.

Adobe Premiere was the NLE that filled the FCP7 vacuum and is growing in popularity. Is that because users already have Photoshop on their computers?

DaVinci Resolve is the latecomer to the party and seems to be getting large updates on a regular basis. Only a few mentions in the 40 minutes however.

And Final Cut Pro X? You'll have to watch the video!


Interested in watching more?  No problem. Michael Kammes from the panel discussion recently released this episode in his web series '5 THINGS.'

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