The 'Master of Metadata" Philip Hodgetts presented FindrCat and FindrCat Pro at the recent Faster Together event at NAB 2017. See how the applications can take metadata out of FCPX and into the finder.

We all know that FCP X has extremely powerful metadata creation and management features. Unfortunately, it doesn't write those metadata directly to media files. Keywords that you have added to your clips in FCP X are lost outside of the application. So all of the time spent logging and tagging media in FCP X is basically relegated to your Library database.

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FindrCat finally frees up that information to be used outside FCP X. Now everyone can easily search for clips based on the metadata entered in FCP X, simply by using the MacOS Finder as a powerful MAM and without even needing FCP X. Which is huge!

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By embedding the FCP X metadata information in the actual original media, FindrCat protects all the valuable work you have done when logging and tagging your clips in FCP X. And what’s more: it also makes these metadata available wherever the media goes.

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As we mentioned in our article published in April, Intelligent Assistance Software have now taken FindrCat to the next level with FindrCat Pro. In this presentation recorded at the LumaForge Faster, Together event at NAB, Philip Hodgetts explains the difference between the base and the pro versions of the app:

The easiest way to understand how useful FindrCat can be, is by reading this comment from a production company that uses the app in the real world:

“At my company we capture and ingest large amounts of media in FCP X that is reused across mutliple projects and applications. As we constantly add new editors and social media staff, we needed a searchable way to find media that people will understand. The last thing I wanted to do was spend a bunch of time and money buying and learning a complicated new MAM program. FindrCat has solved this problem for us with ease and simplicity. Just make sure to develop a tag/ keyword nomenclature that is consistent, and you will be in great shape.”

And this is what Patrick Southern, Chief Workflow Officer at LumaForge, has to say about FindrCat Pro:

“The ability to pass metadata (keyword ranges, favorites, rejects, scene, take, reel) through the Finder is almost revolutionary. FindrCat PRO takes the original FindrCat concept and blows it out of the water.”

Conclusion: Philip and Greg from Intelligent Assistance never cease to amaze us with their powerful utilities that open the amazing metadata capabilities of FCP X to the outer world. FindrCat and FindrCat Pro are perfect examples of this.

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Many thanks to Patrick, Gergana and the entire LumaForge team for organizing and recording the FCP X Tour sessions at NAB. We will keep posting new presentations as they come in.

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