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Lumaforge Announces the Workflow Suite and The Faster, Together Stage at NAB 2017

It is the end of March and that means one thing, everybody is gearing up for NAB. Sam Mestman from Lumaforge takes us through some very interesting events for FCPX editors at the show in Las Vegas.

NAB is around the corner, and for those of you who haven’t been there before, it’s pretty much a giant three ring circus around our industry. There are endless booths, more TV monitors than you’ll see in a lifetime, an absurd number of new toys to play with, and more products that you’ll never use in the real world than you can possibly imagine.

For video editors, it’s basically the world’s largest toy store. For those people who have been coming for awhile, though, there’s a few inherent truths that you quickly learn once you’ve been around the block there a few times:

The show floor is probably the least fun place to be at NAB.
The most important thing you can do for your career at NAB is to spend time talking to the people that are in attendance because it’s probably the one time of the year that you’ll have the chance to meet them in person and you’ll build relationships that will change your career in ways you never imagined. Make as many appointments to meet up with as many people as you can.
The best place to meet people and strike up a conversation is at all the events, parties, and workshops that surround NAB, and you’ll learn more at those places than you’ll ever learn getting inundated with tech specs and marketing talking points at all the booths (but you should still go to them, meet all the vendors you like, and get business cards… they’re all pretty nice people and if they remember you, it’ll usually help you on the pricing side down the line).
The show floor itself becomes pretty overwhelming really fast, and you need to find your various Oasis’ away from it to hold onto your sanity.

Lumaforge NAB 2017 03

So, it’s with these truths in mind that the team here at Lumaforge has decided to give you some really cool options to help you get away from the show floor and give you a place to come meet some of the most amazing minds in post production (and yes, all the usual FCPX suspects will be there).  With that in mind, I now present to you the Lumaforge Workflow Suite at the Encore and the Lumaforge Faster, Together Stage at the Courtyard Marriott across the street from the convention center.

Lumaforge NAB 2017 02

For those of you who were at the Lumaforge Workflow Suite last year, we’re back at the Encore, and we’re taking everything we did last year to the next level.  Have you been wondering how to connect everything your editors are doing (FCPX, Premiere, Resolve, and Avid living in perfect harmony) and combine it with the latest and greatest from Motion, After Effects, Fusion, Nuke, Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, .etc in a cross platform Mac-Windows-Linux environment where anything your team wants to do becomes possible?

Were you interested in seeing some next level storage products that make doing all of this easier than ever before and allow you to build your workflow on the fastest, easiest to use, most stable foundation in the industry? Were you also wanting to come in and talk to some of the top minds in the post world and some of your favorite 3rd party software and plugins manufacturers?

Did you want to sit down somewhere, have a drink, a great conversation, and then get hands on with a whole bunch of stuff? Well, we built this suite for you. There might also be a few never before seen surprises there that you you’ll be able to get hands on with.  For anyone serious about seeing the future of how you can be working, this is going to to be the Epicenter.  Sign up for you appointment to come see us here 

Lumaforge NAB 2017 01

And now… The Faster, Together Stage. To be honest, we sort of have no idea how this came together, and it all sort of came out of nowhere. We didn’t even start thinking about it until a couple weeks ago when we saw that there was going to be no presentation suite for the FCPX Community this year, and no place for us all to come to hang out together, and then we saw the outcry on Facebook… so we decided we should at least try and make something happen.

We talked to Jesus Perez Miranda and Ronny Courtens from FCPX Tour, and decided to see if it would be possible to make something happen at NAB. They were extremely excited, and we decided we’d give it a shot. We found a venue at the Marriott Courtyard across the street from the convention center, made up a list of people we hoped would come present with us, and decided to see if anyone wanted to come do this thing with us.

We talked to Richard Taylor, Bill Davis, and T. Payton if they wanted to help us put this show together… they were excited… and then we asked Chris Fenwick from FCPX Grill if he wanted to Emcee… and he was in too. Then we made a short list of our dream presenters and reached out to everybody… and just about everyone said yes. We were floored.

What resulted from asking the community to participate turned out to be the most star studded lineup of presentations we’ve ever seen. We’re calling it the Faster, Together Stage and the FCPX-centric presentations (there are a lot of them) will be dedicated FCPX Tour Presentations that will debut here at FCP.co after the show for anyone who can’t make it to NAB.

We are so beyond excited about the lineup of speakers around this event we can barely contain ourselves. Without further ado, here’s a brief rundown of everyone we can currently announce so far (register for the event and you’ll get the finalized list, times, and presentation names as soon as it’s all locked in place… presentations will also be continually added to the Faster, Together webpage as they become official):


  • Steve Martin will be talking about how to use FCPX to create a weekly web series
  • Mark Spencer will be showing off some fantastic tricks for FCPX Editors with Motion
  • Michael Cioni will be presenting something only Michael Cioni can present
  • Alexis Van Hurkman will be giving a Davinci Resolve demonstration
  • Brad Olsen and Richard Taylor will be showing a section of of their new FCPX documentary Off The Tracks that I think will be very near and dear to the hearts of fcp.co readers
  • Emery Wells from frame.io will be showing off how to simplify the business of video creation
  • Bill Davis, Oliver Peters, and Michael Kammes will be holding an State of the NLE cagematch panel
  • Michael Kammes will be dispelling 5 post myths
  • Phillip Hodgetts will be showing off some brand new things from Intelligent Assistance
  • Coremelt will also be showing off some brand new things
  • Denver Riddle will be showing off why LUT’s are no longer a Black Box
  • Patrick Inhofer and Robbie Carman from Mixing Light will be demonstrating Resolve collaborative workflow
  • T. Payton will be showing off Shot Logging with Movie Slate and FCPX
  • Jeff Fortune is going to show you how to make things work with FCPX, Softron, and CatDV
  • Gary Adcock will be showing off what you need to know about Thunderbolt 3
  • Kelsey Brannan will explain how to edit faster with Premiere
  • Mae Manning is going to show of Premiere Pro proxy workflow
  • Sam Bogoch will be showing you what’s new with Axle Video
  • Marquis Broadcast is going to be showing off a brand new tool for FCPX
  • Softron’s Pierre Chevalier is going to be showing off why you should be using their products with FCPX in Broadcast
  • Tony Gallardo is taking you on a deep dive with Resolve as a hub for VFX and how to use Fusion if you’re an After Effects artist
  • Rich Roddman will be showing you how to protect the DP’s vision in post
  • Robert Kruger is going to show you why you need to have Kyno
  • Keyflow Pro is going to be giving you an update of what’s new in their world
  • There’s still a few more surprises yet to be announced

Last, but not least, though, I’ll be demoing along with the Lumaforge team some things that we’re pretty passionate about and that we think you’ll find really useful in your workflows.

BTW, in case, for some reason, you’re busy all day Monday through Wednesday, we’ll also be at the Colorist Mixer Sunday Night, the FCPX Guru Gathering Monday Night, The Supermeet Tuesday night, and we’ll be having an open house party at the Lumaforge Workflow Suite Wednesday night starting from 6pm on.

We’ll see you in Vegas!

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Sam Mestman is a lead contributor for FCP.co, the CEO of We Make Movies, and the founder of LumaForge.  

He’s had all the jobs and done all the things… but and more than anything… he's a guy who likes making movies, telling stories, and making the film industry faster, better, and cheaper.  

You can follow him on IG/Twitter at @sammestman.  You can see his film community at @wemakemovies or www.wemakemovies.org

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