The FCP X TOUR is on cruise speed, traveling across Europe to showcase new ways of understanding postproduction workflows in the digital era. With free workshops, presentations, case studies, software and hardware demos, the FCP X TOUR presents the power of Final Cut Pro X and its ecosystem to everyone involved in media and entertainment.


Shortly after hitting southern Europe with a major event in Barcelona (Spain), the FCP X TOUR traveled way up north to Tampere, where Jari Innanen and Esa Sulkanen organized the first FCP X TOUR Finland on November 22nd in collaboration with Mediapolis Media Centre.

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Mediapolis content production and ICT campus currently hosts more than 30 companies and other organizations. The single largest group consists of production companies, while the largest individual organizations include the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle), as well as two educational institutions providing media programs: Tampere University of Applied Sciences TAMK and Tampere VocaNonal College TREDU.

The crowd of over 80 people consisted of media students of the two media schools, and media professionals from around the area. The program included four presentations.

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Editor and sound designer Jari Innanen started the event with a presentation labeled ”Why FCP X?”, talking about the current state of FCP X and why he chose FCP X over other NLE’s.

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Jari started his career on editing film and he also experienced the ”joy” of linear video editiNng. He started using Avid Media Composer in 1990 and has used every NLE on the market ever since. He also teaches editing in various media schools in Finland, and during his presentation he compared the FCP X workflow with those of track based NLEs. As a Protools sound editor and mixer since 1994, Jari also demonstrated the powerful sound editing and mixing capabilities of Final Cut Pro X.

Next presenter was the highly acclaimed editor and director Jesse Jokela, who uses FCP X exclusively in his work. Jesse gave a great and detailed demonstration on how he used FCP X on two quite different kinds of TV-series.

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”Siskonpeti” (Pyama Party in English) is a highly popular Smack-the-Pony style comedy series. The first season aired in Finland in 2014. Every episode deals with a different type of theme such as Relationship, Home, Work or Sex. The series won an award for Best Comedy and Sketch Program in 2014 and 2015, and was nominated for Best Comedy Show at the Rose d'Or Awards 2016.

Pyjama Party's sketch “Booze Day”, which shows parents behaving like little children in a liquor store, became an international YouTube hit with over 1 million views. It also received the annual award for promoting temperance in 2015:


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Jesse also showed his workflows with FCP X for the award-winning documentary series "Arman and the Last Crusade”, produced for Finnish national broadcaster Channel 4.

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This highly popular series has been edited in FCP X from the very first episode. For anyone who likes to watch editing Time-lapses, here’s a video of Jesse cutting an early episode of “Arman and the Last Crusade” in Nepal. This editing session was recorded in 2013, using FCP X 10.0.9:



Next up was 2nd Assistant Editor Vilma Hannén. She gave a peek into her work as an assistant editor in a large-scale feature film production ”The Unknown Soldier”, with a detailed rundown of her daily routines as an 2nd assistant and how she collaborates with the editor.

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And last but not least we had the pleasure to have award winning editor Ben Mercer give an excellent presentation titled ”FCP X for large productions”. Benjamin gave philosophical but also practical workflow examples from the film ”The Unknown Soldier”, which is still in production and will premiere in October 2017.

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If you should have missed it, we have published a separate arNcle about Ben’s work with FCP X a few days ago: Organising and Managing 480 Hours of Footage in FCPX, Editing One of Europe’s Major Feature Films of 2017.


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All credits for this successful Tour go to the key people behind this project: (from left to right) Vilma Hannén, Benjamin Mercer, Jesse Jokela, Jari Innanen and Esa Sulkanen. The reactions from the audience were so positive that Jari and Esa are already thinking about organizing a second FCP X TOUR for Finland next year, in Helsinki!


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Since he successfully used Final Cut Pro on a complex broadcast job at the 2012 Olympic Games, he has helped media companies and broadcasters all over Europe to adopt this application.

Building on his experience in enterprise workflows, he joined Other World Computing in 2020 as Head of Enterprise Solutions (ESG), developing the Jellyfish, Jupiter, Argest and Neptune product lines.

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