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How many times have you wished that an NLE could automatically transcribe an interview for you? Well, that moment is here with the cloud based SpeedScriber service that works directly with FCPX


The future is here, well almost, it is in Beta!

SpeedScriber is a cloud based service for the fast transcribing of interviews and the spoken word. Currently in beta, SpeedScriber, written by FCP veteran Martin Baker from Digital Heaven, takes clips that have been keyworded 'SS Pending', transcribes them in the online service and then adds the transcribed text as notes to the clips, right back in FCPX. No exporting of clips, no finding of original files.


SpeedScriber to FCPX


We liked the service when it worked by just manually uploading a clip, but this round tripping method using the dragging of Libraries to the app and the new 10.3 FCPXML is much more elegant. Not only is the process quicker, it will also process all the clips with that designated keyword.

Martin has produced this short video of SpeedScriber in action:


We have been using it over the last week and are very excited about the possibilities. Not only will it make the editing of a long interview quicker, as a lot of editing work these days is done remotely, it can give the producer a hard copy of the transcript by emailing the SpeedScriber produced PDF or plain text file.

We also like the phase where you can go into the text and make corrections before the clip gets populated with the transcription in FCPX. Although Martin is quoting a very high accuracy percentage, it is not always going to get every single word or speaker right.

It is in beta, there have been a few lumps and bumps, but this service has the potential to completely change the workflow for documentary and corporate productions. 

The application will be free, the price is $0.50/min with discounts for larger purchases. This is way cheaper than other services, some of them don't even support timecode at all!

Martin is also after new FCPX 10.3 beta testers, so, go look what the future looks like at SpeedScriber.com



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