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The Final Cut Pro X series of live events grows at an amazing pace! This time Ronny Courtens tells us about the recent sold-out event in Barcelona.


In only two weeks time the FCP X Tour@IBC videos on FCP.co have reached over 14.000 unique views. 300 people have already subscribed to the FCP X Tour Youtube channel, and these numbers keep growing every day.

As every Tour presents new case studies and workflows, the FCP X Tour video library will be an ever growing source of information for creative professionals who work with FCP X or who are interested in learning more about this unique NLE. That’s why we are happy to announce the first two videos of the latest FCP X Tour in Barcelona, including the first public demo of FCP X 10.3 in Europe.

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The FCP X Tour Barcelona took place on November 4 at the Blanquerna School of Communication and International Relations, one of the leading schools for television, film and journalism in Spain. The magnificent auditorium of Blanquerna can accommodate more than 200 people, and all seats were sold out only 2 days after the event was announced. Half an hour before the FCP X Tour started, people were still calling in to ask if there had been any cancellations so they could get a seat.

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The room was packed with media professionals from all over the country, and it was a real pleasure to also see a high degree of girl-power among the attendants. It is undeniable that Final Cut Pro is popular here. When we asked how many people in the room use FCP X as their primary NLE, everyone proudly raised their hand. It really felt like the spirit of the “old” Final Cut Pro days.

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As with every FCP X Tour, everything was carefully prepared. A professional production team, state-of-the-art multicam tools from Softron and the high quality projection and audio equipment in the auditorium ensured a great viewing experience for the audience. As some presentations and demos were in Spanish and others in English, 250 headsets were available for the attendees so everyone could follow the show in their native language. It was amazing to hear how well the live interpreters were familiar with the specific terminology of editing and of FCP X.

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The show started off with an extensive overview of the FCP X ecosystem and of the latest high-profile productions made with FCP X in Spain and in other European countries: feature films, television series and commercials, some of which had never been shown before at a Final Cut Pro event.

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The audience was clearly impressed when they saw the work of James Tonkin from Hangman Studios who creates stunning music video productions for the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Robbie Williams, Beyoncé and many other famous artists.

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Or when the latest showreel was shown from TechTV, a world-class production company for corporate and television documentary work. We will publish some extensive case studies about these companies later this year on FCP.co.

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Then came the first demo of the evening presented by Iñaki Sanz, an Apple Certified Trainer for FCP X in Spain. Iñaki gave a brief overview of the most important new features in FCP X 10.3. Why brief? Because there are already loads of articles and videos on the internet showing the new features in detail by now. But it was a brilliant demo, with the emphasis on roles-based audio mixing. So here’s the link to the video in Spanish, with English captions that you can activate in the player:


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Next up was Robin S. Kurz, an American Apple Certified Trainer for FCP X and Motion 5 who lives in Hannover, Germany. We had met in Amsterdam during the FCP X Tour IBC, and I was very happy that Robin had agreed to come over to Barcelona to give the audience an introduction to Motion 5.

Robin knows how to entertain an audience while he demonstrates the power of Motion. In 30 minutes he walks us through the basics of motion graphics: rotoscoping, creating fluid animations without one single keyframe, working in 3D, tracking, masking and publishing to FCP X. If you have always wanted to use Motion but never found the courage to start learning it, this excellent video will certainly give you some extra motivation:


In the next days we will publish more exciting presentations from the FCP X Tour Barcelona: completely new product demoes, fascinating case studies from two major feature film productions and a highly popular Spanish prime time television show, and a unique online interview with no-one less than Marc Bach in Los Angeles.

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A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the huge success of the FCP X Tour Barcelona, and to Nouch for the lovely pictures. Our next stop is in Finland on November 22 with FCP X Tour Tampere, and there are many more Tours to come.


Ronny Courtens

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Ronny Courtens (Belgium) is a post-production professional with over 40 years of experience in the film and television industry. He has worked for major national broadcasters and post-production facilities as an editor, post supervisor, and workflow architect.

Since he successfully used Final Cut Pro on a complex broadcast job at the 2012 Olympic Games, he has helped media companies and broadcasters all over Europe to adopt this application.

Building on his experience in enterprise workflows, he joined Other World Computing in 2020 as Head of Enterprise Solutions (ESG), developing the Jellyfish, Jupiter, Argest and Neptune product lines.

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