After the last few days exciting news about Final Cut Pro 10.4, time to look back at more presentations from the recent FCPX World in Broadcast event. We present a Spanish show that switched to FCPX after testing all the NLEs and a presentation from Frame.io's lead integration engineer.

Spanish Post Production Manager and Senior Editor David López explains how the award-winning prime time TV show Salvados made the switch from FCP7 to FCP X after having tested all other major NLEs.

After several years of experience as a producer in news, sports, music shows and other formats, David López joined the Spanish TV show “Salvados” in 2009. With 3 million people watching the show every Sunday evening, Salvados has become one of the biggest hits on national network Channel 6.

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Moving forward from FCP7 they considered Avid and tested DaVinci Resolve, FCP X and Premiere Pro CC. They finally adopted Final Cut Pro X.

In this presentation, David demonstrates why exactly they have chosen FCP X to produce this weekly 50’ prime time factual show, and how they organize and cut tons of multicam interviews and archive footage against fierce deadlines in a collaborative setup. He also explains why certain types of shared storage cannot cope with their demanding workflows.


Thomas Szabo demonstrates the powerful collaboration and review features in Frame io, based one a real life Final Cut Pro X project.

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Lead Integration Engineer Thomas Szabo from Frame.io gives a live demonstration of the FCP X companion app. This app allows users to publish Final Cut timelines for review, upload clips as digital dailies with sync sound, or share clips or completed timelines with collaborators for VFX or color-grading.

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He shows how FCP X markers can be used to specify which clips should be uploaded, how portions of the timeline can be range-selected for upload, and how FCP X notes and keywords can be embedded into the clips making them searchable via Spotlight.

If you missed the first two videos from FCPX World in Broadcast, you can find them here.

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Ronny Courtens (Belgium) is a post-production professional with over 40 years of experience in the film and television industry. He has worked for major national broadcasters and post-production facilities as an editor, post supervisor, and workflow architect.

Since he successfully used Final Cut Pro on a complex broadcast job at the 2012 Olympic Games, he has helped media companies and broadcasters all over Europe to adopt this application.

Building on his experience in enterprise workflows, he joined Other World Computing in 2020 as Head of Enterprise Solutions (ESG), developing the Jellyfish, Jupiter, Argest and Neptune product lines.

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