GRAID Thunderbolt 1

In the FCP.co office we were looking at storage options as our new Macs all have Thunderbolt ports. When we found out there was over 30% off the G-Technology G-Raid 8 Terabyte Thunderbolt Drive, the credit card didn't stay in the wallet for long! 



It has been shown at a few user groups this year, but this weekend TouchEdit for the iPad was finally released to the world. Will Dan Lebental's skeuomorphic heavy cutter make editing easier and more importantly, more fun?

Cineplay digital rebellion

***Winners Announced***

Digital Rebellion have just released CinePlay, a professional video player application for the iPhone and iPad. There's a lot of features in the app such as guides and markers and we've also got three copies to giveaway.

Pegasus R4 Review

There has been a lot of debate on our Forum about the best RAIDs, configuration, speed, brands and so on. So it was very positive when we came across this excellent concise user review of the Promise Pegasus R4.

dale grahn color crumplepop

A new product from Crumplepop, not a plugin this time but a clever tool to sharpen your colour grading skills. They've teamed up with Dale Grahn, the color timer for Steven Spielberg, to develop an iPad app that teaches film color timing principles and techniques.

top5 speakers

Carrying on our theme of top lists whilst nothing much is really happening in the industry, this time we look at budget audio monitoring. We welcome guest writer Conner Lambden from Conner Productions who has assembled a list of reasonably priced speakers you might like sitting in your edit suite.

Smoke Dec Launch

A nice Christmas present if you can afford it, Autodesk has released Smoke 2013 for the Mac. Industry leading keying, nodal compositing, super-accurate tracking and 3D environments all in one app. 

matrox unified driver

***Update on FCP7 driver news from Matrox***

Matrox have announced that a unified driver is available for Avid Media Composer & Adobe CS6 Production Premium for the PC. They will also add FCPX support in January for the Mac!

blackmagic resolve ripple training

If you need more colour correction or grading than FCPX or plugins will handle, the best way to go is out to Resolve. Blackmagic Design's grading program has come a long way since its acquisition and it continues to grow. Alexis Van Hurkman can show you more.

toshiba hybrid drive

We all love SSDs, but they are expensive and are not up to the capacities we require for serious editing. So could a combined hard disk with built in quick response flash memory be the answer? Toshiba think so.