A fifteen minute presentation on the future of photography from Ron Brinkman, the guy who designed the interface for Shake. We enjoyed it a lot.

Where is photography heading? Is it being driven by technology and camera phones? In this presentation from Ron at Mindshare Los Angeles back in October, he runs through his thoughts about camera technology in the future.

Ron was part of Nothing Real when Apple acquired the company and Shake back in 2002 and we all know what happened to that compositor after a few years. He gives us an insight into his thoughts on Final Cut Pro X, the Shake purchase and EOL'ing on his excellent blog.

If you are into VFX, you might have come across Ron's seminal book The Art and Science of Digital Compositing. Essential reading on the processes involved in compositing with case studies from films such as The Lord of the Rings, King Kong and Star Wars Episode 3. We have owned a copy since about 2003!

Enjoy the video and Ron's humour too.

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