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25 Jan 2021
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TKY Free Power Grade Lite Effect 19 Nov 2011 02:33 #2216

A simplified, but also enhanced version of the Power Grade Effect which removes the highlights/shadows and diffuse components which experience showed could have an adverse affect on render times, but at the same time adds in the ability to grade both inside and outside the "power window".

File Attachment:

File Name: TKYPowerGr...teV2.zip
File Size:315 KB

There are controls for:

- Master hue, white and black level, saturation, brightness, gamma, contrast and contrast pivot, shadows/midtones/highlights color balance;
- Master tint, tint intensity, and tint on/off, sharpen and sharpen intensity;
- Power Window On/Off, show window mask (as grayscale image), window shape selector (circle/rectangle);
- Window scale, aspect ratio, shear and feather;
- Inside window hue, saturation, brightness, gamma, shadows/midtones/highlights color balance;
- Inside window blur;
- Outside window hue, saturation, brightness, gamma, shadows/midtones/highlights color balance;
- Outside window blur;
- Broadcast safe region selector (PAL/NTSC) and fix method (none, luma, chroma or both)

There are onscreen controls for the window position, rotation and scale, while an additional control at the bottom left hand corner affects the window aspect ratio. This works in such a way that dragging the control upwards increases the vertical scale, dragging it to the right increases the horizontal scale, and dragging it all the way into the left hand corner will reduce the window to nothing.

Unzip the folder and put it into your User/movies/Motion Templates/Effects folder.

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