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25 Jan 2021
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New FCPX reference book.... 30 Jan 2013 10:17 #20620

The Cookbook recipe for success, January 28, 2013
Reviewed by mortoni
This review is for: Final Cut Pro X Cookbook (Ebook and Paperback)

1. The Chapter overviews are very helpful.
2. Offers many levels of learning for everyone from the new user, through people who are switching from other editing software, all the way up to the professional video editor.
3. Has some great workarounds for what initially appeared to be 'issues', which turned out to be just different ways of working.
4. Does everything honestly and thoroughly in depth with a 'helping hand' mentality.
5. Understands and pushes the positive aspects of the software....sure, there are missing features in FCPX at present but this book makes the best of what it has to offer.

The FCPX Cookbook is full of sensible, easy to follow tips and ways of working that make the movie making process smooth, quick and manageable.

Starting with the essential 'importation' of media, the book runs through a myriad of file-types that can be imported.
Multi layer PSD files can be brought in as separate layers and stacked as a compound clip.
Within the clip the layers can be manipulated and edited at will, a great step for various animated text, image and background projects.
As well as explaining how to import the files, the book goes that bit further and offers you advice and practical tips as to how this feature can be used creatively instead of just leaving you to get on with it like the FCPX help menu.

One important section of the first chapter explains how to import projects that have been created in FCP7, this a definite bonus that Apple never cover.
Using 7toX for Final Cut software, the book helps you through the process, a vital set of instructions to get around one of Apples' greatest omissions from FCPX.

Chapter 2 is entitled 'Customising your workflow'. We all work in different ways and have different preferences so it's nice that this book acknowledges this and helps you set up your ergonomic ideal.
From the first time, leisure user to the full time, professional editor, FCPX is shown to be a versatile and comprehensive tool.
All aspects of the software are explored and the tone of the book is informative without being too 'techy' or dumbed down.

I would heartily recommend this book for anyone who either plans to use or is currently using FCPX, it is a great reference book too and should always be kept to hand.

Now that FCPX is, at last, stable and feeling more and more 'up for the job' with each update, here is a book that explains all the ins and outs, leaving you to edit, create, backup and innovate.


Happy reading.

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New FCPX reference book.... 30 Jan 2013 10:28 #20621

This is very spammy for a first post here. As I've used other Packt books in the past and the publishers are based a few miles from our offices, I'll let it stand.

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New FCPX reference book.... 30 Jan 2013 11:52 #20623

Thanks Peter, it's the first review I've written and I thought that other forum users might benefit from it.


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New FCPX reference book.... 30 Jan 2013 12:17 #20624

No problem and welcome to the Forum and of course thanks for the info.

We are always suspicious of people whose first post contains a link as they are normally spammers. Sorry to have incorrectly included you with that group.


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