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25 Jan 2021
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Are robot vacuums worth your time?

For the busy homeowners out there, spending most of their time cleaning their houses might not seem like a viable idea, especially when you have to work extra hard to earn a living. That also means your vacuum cleaners would likely stay hidden in storage for a very long time. So what’s the point of having one?

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Instead, if you’re thinking of having a robot vacuum in your house and would like to know how they actually perform and the best vacuum to buy, you’ve come to the right place. Our experts at thekinglive.com will show you all the important facts when it comes to robot vacuums.

Short answer – do they really work?

To come up with the most general conclusion, we’ve gone through plenty of different tests on multiple models with varied price ranges and features. That being said, if your prioritized cleaning area is hard floors, then your robotic vacuum cleaner would probably do the job effectively.

During our tests, most of the robots perform quite well on hard surfaces when dealing with all kinds of debris, and most importantly, they even work well on large debris thanks to the sweep cleaning feature. This isn’t something that could be easily handled even on your normal upright vacuum cleaner. So for us, this is definitely a big thumbs up.

However, the problem with today’s robot vacuums is that they tend to perform less effectively on softer surfaces such as carpets. Our tests show that only 90% of the fine dust on carpets is collected using robot vacuums, while with the standard upright vacuum, the number is usually 99%.

Nonetheless, they still perform excellently with large and medium debris. Plus, if you turn up the suction power to the max, you’ll surely gain better results with carpet cleaning. But be mindful of the excess noise if you find them annoying.

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What are the best qualities that you would want?

Now we know that the robot vacuums would work for you, it’s time to decide which are the most important features:

Suction power

First of all, you’ll need to make sure your robot vacuum comes with enough suction power to handle all kinds of debris and surfaces. On top of that, your vacuum must also come with a large dust container. This allows your vacuum to work extra effectively, as it’s able to collect more dirt.

Battery life

Speaking of which, having a decent battery with good capacity will allow your robot vacuum to work for a longer period, allowing for more effective cleaning. And at the same time, it’s suggested that your vacuum should come with a quick self-charging feature.


The most common problem with robotic vacuum cleaners is that they tend to get stuck or bump into unwanted spots. This is largely because of the incomplete navigating systems of most of the vacuum cleaners on the market.

However, some of them still perform quite well if you know what you’re doing. That being said, there are three main navigation systems that are often used on your vacuum cleaner, which are laser navigation, camera navigation, and computer mapping.

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While they all perform quite well in most circumstances, you’ll find the laser navigation is the most effective out of the three since it can work well on varied conditions. Plus, it also builds up a digital map so you can manage your robotic vacuum using the mobile app, which is pretty cool.

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